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  • Version: Android, iOS
  • Size: 29M
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Author: tinyBuild
  • Content rating: 10+
  • Package name: com.tinybuildgames.helloneighbor
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Hello Neighbor: Something Familiar in a New Package Review

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Hello Neighbor game is a first-person horror game with puzzle elements. Hello Neighbor release date is December 8, 2017 - so it's still quite a new one! Available platforms to download and play it are: PS4, Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iOS, Windows. All updates are already included.

Graphics 5/5

Graphics in Hello Neighbor are just nice, not only the visuals but also high-definition lighting. Hello Neighbor game came out in 2017, but still lighting in the game is something really attractive for eyes, of course — Hello Neighbor game size is quite bigger than any other average 3d-platformer which means the quality of the objects in Hello Neighbor Android, Hello Neighbor iOS and also Hello Neighbor Nintendo is amazing.
But nothing special for stationary platforms: Hello Neighbor Xbox, Hello Neighbor PS4, Hello Neighbor Windows.

Gameplay 4/5

Hello Neighbor gameplay starts immediately in the heat. You get control over-worried kid, which is troubled about strange noises in his neighbor's house. We are trying to break into his house to find out what the problem is.
The second act where things have gotten a little bit crazier and if there's very much a story here, it's not really told, but you get the gist of it by the kind of moving from area to area. Yep, that's mesmerizing to play further

You may buy Hello Neighbor's full version of the game, which adds you even more features to use. The sad part of Hello Neighbor gameplay: there are no much of animated projectiles, so sometimes you just must predict when and where, let's say, tomato will fall on your head.

Also, there is not so much to do in the game except the main story. That would be fun if you may play Hello Neighbor online like: one people play as the neighbor, and the other person tries to break into the house or something that'd be a quite exciting game type.

Controls 4/5

Hello Neighbor has convenient controls, a bit of a sliding effect when you try to move. It makes your movements more unpredictable, which is nice to see in a game like this. Hello Neighbor is a horror puzzle game so this perfectly fills the game with random situations that may cause.

There are a few objects in Hello Neighbor demo version of the game which we have a chance to test, and we'd like to say that physics of the game is pretty base, but this is ok cause the game is not about physics.

Replay Value 3/5

In terms of replay value, Hello Neighbor is a one-time trip. You proceed through a mystery story, you are probably will be dragged into it, but when the main story passed by, you feel fully satisfied with the result and have no reason to do it one more.

Hello Neighbor full game walkthrough took us like ~10 hours on our Android device. Yes, the AI evolved from time to time you complete the campaign, but at the end of the game, you might already know all of Hello Neighbor specs.

The Bottom Line

Hello Neighbor is a decent game, but not with many features in it. After you complete the main target, there starts to be a lack of content.

In Hello Neighbor demo, you may explore the outside of the house area and enter just one room of the house, even if demo version of Hello Neighbor version is free, there is a real lack of the content.

Hello Neighbor price depends on your region and platform you would use, so there are many variants of it. The good part there is that you may see Hello Neighbor for sale, for half of the price so give it a try.

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For indie and that genre of the game, Hello Neighbor is not a time-waste experience. Hello Neighbor free version has a lack of content so we recommend downloading Hello Neighbor full version straight away.

Pros : attractive design;
exciting story;
3d graphics;
open-world experience.

Cons : a onetime deal game;
physics are pretty basic for 2019.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 3

Average : 4.0


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