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  • Version: Android, PC
  • Size: 72MB
  • Compatibility: Android, PC
  • Author: Rockstar North
  • Content rating: Mature 18+
  • Version: Latest
  • Size: 72MB
  • Compatibility: iOS, Windows PC
  • Author: Rockstar North
  • Content rating: Mature 18+
  • Languages: english
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GTA 5 — Welcome to San Andreas Pt. II Review

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GTA V is an action game, which reveals how the criminal world works. It's a whole universe, stuffed with missions, side-quests, Easter eggs, references and just random fun things. If you want to download GTA V  for Android and iPhone, wait because GTA 5 is available for PC, PS4 or Xbox One to reign over the empire of crime and blood money!

Graphics 5/5

GTA 5 specs are enormous, but it's pardonable. The game brings you a gargantuan open world, where something happens every 0.5 seconds. Scenic bays, mountains, groves and the smooth ocean surface already deserve an award. Add to them realistic and tactile physics, authentic audio palette of a big city and of course a marvelous collection of radio stations. Simply delicious.

Gameplay 5+/5

GTA V gameplay takes you back to the sunny San Andreas, after somber Liberty City. Ocean, beaches, carnival fairs, Vinewood Valley of Fame and countless gangs and mob bosses beefing with each other over who's going to control this money pie. That's when your three main heroes come in to play.

Michael, Trevor, and Franklin bear different personalities, have unique talents and special abilities. E.g., Trevor can go berserk and take less damage, and Franklin can put the time in slow-mo for a moment. Together they slaughter gangsters, challenge FIB and police and pull the most daring heist in the history of SA.

Apart from gangbanging you can:

  • Legalize your dirty money via buying businesses and real estate;
  • Become a street-racer;
  • Help weirdos and freaks;
  • Do odd jobs for a cannibalistic cult;
  • Save random people in trouble;
  • Invest cash in stock;
  • Get hired as a hitman, etc.

Or just raise the havoc, making SWAT, FIB and army come after you.

Apart from the main game, there are about 10 complete DLCs dedicated to the '80s, Gay Tony, biker gangs, smuggling, etc. If it's not enough — GTA 5 online is there for you. Partake in rumbles with other players, do robberies and get away from the law/rivals in dizzy chases.

Note: You can't have GTA 5 on iPhone or Android, of course. But there's a GTA mobile app called iFruit. It has Social Club access and mini-games, featuring Chop.

Controls 4.5/5

Both on PC and consoles GTA 5 is simple to control. As long as you're ready to master new vehicles: compact submarines, helicopters, planes and jet fighters. Piloting them like an ace takes a bit of practice.

Replay Value 5+/5

Even after you complete the main story, there's still a lot to do for each character. Slaughter a hipster gang five times in a row, hunt the UFOs or build your own crime empire in GTA 5 game. Its endless content won't expire at least for a decade.

The Bottom Line

Our GTA 5 review gives this game an A+ mark for a reason. Only a few titles — with the likes of Skyrim — can compete with the complexity and finesse of its in-game universe. No matter what you do in reality, in GTA V you can rule both the slums and prestigious condo areas. If you're good at taking out the rival goons.

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Download GTA V to be the top thief, hitter, bank robber. A model citizen in other words.

Pros : Infinite game content;
Three main characters;
Online multiplayer;
Trademark humor.

Cons : Premium edition is pricey;
Certain missions are overextended;
No GTA 5 for Android adaptation, but you can get GTA 5 mobile manual.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.9


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