The Top 10 Messengers for an Android device

The Top 10 Messengers for an Android device on AllSocialApps Top Blog

It's obvious and undeniable - SMS and its fancy sibling MMS are slowly dying and their epoch is almost over. They have been are mostly replaced by instant-messaging apps that apart from texting can offer you:

  • Audio/video calls.
  • Voice messages.
  • Multimedia sharing ("Hey, Mathew, check this grumpy kitty-cat pic!")
  • Conferencing and real-time group chats.

Needless to mention, they come almost free of charge - all you need is enough of Internet traffic on your plan.

Yes, it all sounds good. But there are dozens and dozens of instant messengers, coming in various "types, shapes and colors."  And the real problem is to how to figure out which one of them suits your needs best. To save your time and trouble,  we've collected the list of Top 10 Android Messengers to use in 2018.


10. Discord

Discord app logo

It's a messaging app 1 in the gaming community. It supports almost all of the platforms in existence: from Windows Mobile to Linux. And even the Symbian version can be found somewhere out there. Moreover, you can install its web-client and use it right away in your browser to economize time. Also, you get to use:

  •         Voice chat.
  •         Stickers & GIFs.
  •         Multiple Channels.
  •         Individual Volume Control etc.

Apart from pro and amateur gamers, this app is highly appreciated by regular people - Discord is a real champion when it comes to voice chat customization for personal needs. As for the pricing - the application is absolutely free to download, and it doesn't force you in making any extra purchases.

9. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger app screen

Facebook Messenger - especially its Lite version - is highly popular because it allows you to text any of your Facebook contacts without having to log in every time. There are two incarnations of the app:

1)      Regular - it has all the features the original Facebook, including emojis, stickers, etc.

2)      Lite - it basically limits you to texting/making calls. At the same time, it requires far less memory usage and drains the battery of your device way slower.

If you can't imagine your life without Facebook, then the Regular version is your go-to. If everything you care about is mobility and a decent, simple messenger - choose Lite version. The shortcomings of FB Messenger include:

  •         Way too frequent updating.
  •         Relentless ads.

And don't forget about certain security/privacy issues, which stirred some commotion in early 2018.

8. Google Hangouts & Google Allo

Google Hangouts & Google Allo apps screen

Google Hangouts and its newly released "colleague" Google Allo are both doing a good job as instant messengers. Google Allo can boast of:

  •         Stickers, GIFs, and multimedia sharing.
  •         The incognito option that automatically destroys your chat history.
  •         Integration with Google Duo.

Google Hangouts is pretty good at handling video/audio calls and voice messages, providing a satisfying quality. The synchronizable mobile and PC versions are supported as well. The only difficulty is that not everybody uses both of these apps as primary messengers.

7. Line

Line app screen

With almost half a billion downloads, Line has been christened as the best alternative for WhatsApp. It can provide you with:

  •         Audio/video calls.
  •         Instant messaging.
  •         A colossal variety of stickers based on the pop-culture characters.
  •         Polls function that allows you to learn your friends' opinion.
  •         Games.
  •         Cheaper international calls to cell phones/landlines.
  •         Earning free minutes by watching ads.

However, it's been known that Line has had certain problems with security because it basically employed no encryption algorithm. Furthermore, tablet optimization leaves a lot to be desired: sometimes you can't even read messages received due to reasons unexplained.

6. Slack

Slack app screen

Despite its name, Slack is the best messenger for entrepreneurs and just busy people in general. Its interface is clean and laconic, and it's just perfect for organizing work/communication in the office.

With Slack, you can create channels, organize live video/audio conferences, group notifications, reminders and do more business stuff. The application supports Dropbox, Giphy, Asana, etc. It even has an option, that allows you not to disturb people, who live in a different time zone and therefore might be sleeping.

With all its seriousness, Slack has a bit of humorous allure with its custom emojis, customizable loading messages, and Hubot that delivers cute pictures from the Internet. Just like in Discord, various Slack servers are at your service - you can join any single one of them.

There's a subscription fee, but it isn't mandatory, and you can enjoy almost the full functionality of the app for free.

5. Skype

Skype app screen

Skype is a legendary messenger. It works on the most popular platforms, including iOS and provides seamless synchronization. Apart from texting and video/audio calling, you can utilize:

  •         Skype's iconic emojis, including exclusive Star Wars emoji pack.
  •         Multimedia sharing.
  •         A unique GIF library.
  •         Conferencing and group calls.
  •         The Skype Translator.
  •         Cheap calls to mobile phones/landlines.

And unlike in many other messengers, you can edit your messages here, in case you make a typo or say something foolish.

Unfortunately, after Microsoft acquired Skype, its updates became a little bit too demanding and tedious at the same time. But it still can do its job, like an old, reliable, hard-working horse.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat app screen

Snapchat would have looked like a regular messenger if there wasn't one specific catch: the messages will be deleted after you view them. In other words, there's no message history and if you happen to receive some important info (e.g., a phone number), make sure to double check that it's copied.

As for the rest, it has a standard list of features:

  •         Video/voice calls.
  •         Text/photo/video messages.
  •         Snapchat Stories.

The latter is basically a status that is visible to all of your contacts. It lasts for 24 hours, after which it gets erased.

3. Telegram

Telegram app screen

A notoriously famous cloud-based messenger from Russia, Telegram claims to be one of the safest apps in terms of privacy. It employs 256-bit AES encryption algorithm - the same algorithm that's been adopted by Pentagon.

The app offers:

  •         Group chats.
  •         Video/audio calls.
  •         Conferencing.
  •         Multimedia sharing.
  •         GIFs.
  •         Multiple profile pictures.
  •         Secret chats.
  •         Live Location Sharing.
  •         Proxy servers.

It's been rumored that in reality, the Telegram is quite vulnerable to getting hacked. However, there are still money prizes from $200 000 to half a million US dollars, waiting for anyone who can pull such a stunt.

2. Viber

Viber app

Although Viber is poorly known in Northern America, its popularity in the rest of the world is quite impressive: 500 billion downloads are a living proof.

It's a very universal app with such functions as:

  •         Group chatting.
  •         Video/audio calls.
  •         Cheap calls to cell phones and landlines.
  •         An enormous sticker store.
  •         Video messages.
  •         Self-erasing chats.

As you can see, it's not a minimalistic application, and the space it requires on your gadget is considerable:  about 40 MB.

Additional zany stickers come at a price, but it's the only in-app purchase offered in Viber.

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp app screen

At the moment, WhatsApp is the absolute heavyweight champion among the messengers: 1 billion downloads. It's quite laconic and intuitive. And its interface is minimalistic, which means it doesn't distract you much, while you're having a conversation.

It has:

  •         High-quality video/audio calls.
  •         Voice messages.
  •         Message deletion.
  •         Multimedia files sharing (including GIFs).
  •         Message history management - you can have it backed up or deleted to free some storage space.
  •         Instant photo sharing and editing.
  •         Changeable wallpapers.

WhatsApp doesn't overwhelm you with unnecessary functions, ads or in-app purchases. And currently, it's one of the safest messengers thanks to its end-to-end encryption.  And of course, it's absolutely free.

The synchronizable desktop version is also available.

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