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Viber Messages & Calls Guide Communication
Viber is a mobile instant-messenger, which ranks #2 after WhatsApp. It can provide you with free aud... Read full review
Kronos Mobile Social
Kronos Mobile is a time-organizing application available for iOS. It is mostly used as a digital rep... Read full review
Hangouts Communication
  Hangouts is a communication app, that supports texting, video calls and video conferences. Do... Read full review
Google Duo Communication
Google Duo is a functional and trustworthy video chat, which provides the highest quality of the pic... Read full review
Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie Communication
Marco Polo is an application the main purpose of which is to connect people no matter where in the w... Read full review
Zalo Communication
Zalo is a mobile messaging app coming from Vietnam. It serves as a substitute for paid SMS and phone... Read full review
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