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Signal Private Messenger Communication
Signal is considered to be one of the safest messaging apps out there. It employs end-to-end encrypt... Read full review
BIGO LIVE - Live Broadcasting Social
Bigo is a live streaming platform, content on which is created by the users for the users. Watch or... Read full review
Snapchat Social
Snapchat is a quirky and funny messenger, crammed with some amusing features. It is perfect for hang... Read full review
Facebook Social
Facebook is a mobile application/social platform with more than 2 billion users worldwide. It can do... Read full review
Android Wear - Smartwatch Communication
Wear OS is a rebranded version of famous Android Wear. This mobile app synchronizes your device with... Read full review
Chrome Browser - Google Communication
Google Chrome is a multipurpose web-browser available on all platforms. It unlocks smooth and offhan... Read full review
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