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ClassDojo Education
ClassDojo is a mobile application that was designed for the improvement of distance learning. This s... Read full review
Pluto TV Entertainment
Pluto TV is a service that allows watching various channels and broadcasts around the clock. The app... Read full review
Houseparty - Beta Social
Houseparty is a free social network made for group chats and video calls. Although the app was relea... Read full review
WhatsApp Messenger Communication
For quite some time now, WhatsApp messenger has been a bit of a web phenomenon. The ‘MSN Messe... Read full review
LINE: Free Calls & Messages Communication
Online communication is no longer seen as something close to a miracle, and there is currently a mul... Read full review
Call of Duty: Warzone Strategy
Call of Duty: Warzone is a shooter with 150 players that appear in Verdansk fictional city, having t... Read full review
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